Entry #106

To think this account is 12 today

2017-12-13 22:41:57 by Hybrid-Of-Souls

So my NG account is 12 years old today. To think it all began just because I wanted to leave a few reviews for a few movies & games. To think I was dumb enough to believe reviews were what I needed to get site EXP rather than votes. To think I'd take on a large project for 8 years (the medal list management) and get a large following from it.

And to think part of me still clings to this website.


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2017-12-14 00:07:33

ye pretty much


2018-01-04 07:29:48

To think this site would have no medal list managment (I still take a peek every week)... man, that would be sad!
Good to gave you around, H-O-S, hope you stay at least 12 more years! ^^